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Water FeaturesWater & Fire Features:

Flowing water adds a sense of peace and tranquility to any outdoor landscape. The soothing sound and tranquil beauty of a waterfall and pond provides a focal point to a backyard retreat and masks the noise of the outside world.  Adding a Koi pond is a way to bring nature to your yard and enjoy the vibrantly colored fish called the Jewel of the Orient.

Water features increase the value of your property more than any other type of home improvement and adds a tranquil beauty hard to beat. Our fire and water features are known for their natural look and details that will keep you in awe for years to come.

Some of our Fire Features include fire bowls, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces. The features can be built using propane, natural gas or wood.  Fire and water is a wonderful and captivating combination. Features can be installed with automation or manual operation.




Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting:

Lighting can turn your landscape into a new illuminated experience from day to night. Natural Landscaping, Inc. is known for its lighting and wants you not only to get enjoyment out of your yard in the day, but at night as well.

The use of proper illumination is another form of media in the landscape that changes the dimension of your yard from day to night with a fantastic visual display. Illumination doubles as a decorative accent as well as an enhanced yard component for safety and security that is affordable. With the use of LED fixtures, energy costs are lowered while providing a much longer lamp life.  It is a win-win for our customers and the environment. 




Landscape LightingRock, Stone and Concrete

Natural Landscaping can do it all, from retaining walls, block walls, custom brick, barbecues, outdoor kitchens, curbing, stamped concrete, colored concrete, entryways, driveways, stonework, to decking, One of the benefits of our California climate is that we can live outdoors as well as indoors, whether it’s entertaining or simply relaxing, we can help you get the maximum use of your outdoor area.








Landscape LightingSynthetic Turf

Want a lawn that doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized? We offer all types of synthetic turf for your home, business and everything in-between.  Our putting greens give  the realism of being on the golf course.  No more yellow, patchy, and dead areas.  Use our pet turf and your pets will love it too!  Our play areas for kids can have soft padding installed for added cushion and safety.  The perfect lawn all year round.

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